Feathers and a Wish, poetry by Camellia at Spillwords.com

Feathers and a Wish

Feathers and a Wish

written by: Camellia



I look up at the cloudy night sky,
Oh where did the stars go?
I’ll just pray under the mistletoe!
“Oh if I may be Christmas, tomorrow,
Turn me into a kiss…
Red and white, like candy cane stripes,
If I shut my eyes tight, may he steal me
Like a wish?
Candy-wrapped, a stocking-stuffer
I must remain no more…
Will he love me like his favorite snow globe?
The fire, is it still cackling in the fireplace,
The one I lit last year? Oh there…it still glows!
I’m in love with the snow angel…
Oh my, how bright the sun is!
May it snow and snow…
For my love, the snow angel…
He awaits my warm laughter and mittens…
May it snow…oh little mistletoe…may it snow…”

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