A Soft Silky Breeze, poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield at Spillwords.com
Oliver Hihn

A Soft Silky Breeze

A Soft Silky Breeze

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



Light winds move colorful leaves.
Branches sway in a slow harmony
roots spread in an opus in the moonlight.
Frosted leaves lie lifeless in heaps;
victims of the autumnal dearth.

We commune with fairies upon a branch;
never argue with them while the moon is high.
Twinkling stars hide in shadowed clouds while
we sing a hymn to the winter queen;
snowflakes kiss my warm cheek.

It’s hot and savory, like passions on lovers lane.
Her breath seems real and tastes sweet in darkness.
The rising full moon bright, like a slice of fresh lemon.
An epiphany creates uneasiness within the heart.
Self-righteous invaders bestow a special place for prey!

Peace returns to my cool, bewildered Ukrainian forest.
I sit quietly with rifle, in a soft silky breeze.

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