A Broken Moment, a poem by Jeff Flaig at Spillwords.com
Tatiana Zayceva

A Broken Moment

A Broken Moment

written by: Jeff Flaig


Planted are the simple thoughts
Watered by the complexity of your tears
Your form bowing as a damaged flower
As quietly you lean to emptied ground
Such a beautiful display of brokenness
Now plucked from loves hopeful garden

A star fell in many directions, seemly alone
As you were torn from your majestic place
And removed from the stellar fields of the heart
With silence not the only observational weeper
As we throw wishes towards the night sky
And shared flowers pick by the wayside

Each blossom grows and every star shines
Sometimes they are picked and we ache
And simple thoughts are made tearfully complex
As stars do fall from heaven’s intimate universe
Yet love has a way of reseeding an evening sky
With lovers holding flowers and believing wishes

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