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As All Things Must Pass

As All Things Must Pass

written by: S.D. Kilmer



Fireflies brilliant and inescapable.
As are the passing of seasons.
As all things must pass.

Man dreams of what he is incapable.
As there are very practical reasons.
So the evil soul is not immortal and forever down cast.

But I must dream of You;
In hope of a new life.
To awake to another morning.
the whole of my being
Tuned to the frequency
Of the celestial spheres.
As my soul sings
It joins the choir
Of bodiless intelligence.

Oh sweet music!
Oh sweet terror!
As my soul is ripped
From the flesh
Tho’ the body long buried.

Out of intellectual reach.
Since I no longer possess
Sight nor touch nor speech.
Out of reach be the heavenly choir
My soul, some how, still sings.

The songs of the heavenly choir.
The frequency of the celestial spheres.
Orchestrated in unison.
As my fragile existence;
Ceases to Be.

Which shall I become?
a Supernova exploding,
a Black hole imploding?

I sing O Lord by Your mercy
send my atoms and my noetic heart
back to the Son. Oh,
From glory to glory shall I pass.
They shall tell stories.

How I lived and died.
How I come to live again.
How for my song has been written
By the Way I’ve walked, fallen so many times, to have gotten up once more, and
So many times before, yet
to have lived,
On the Eighth Day
a brilliant star.

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