Not Even Halloween, a poem by S.D. Kilmer at
Alana Jordan

Not Even Halloween

Not Even Halloween

written by: S.D. Kilmer



Resting in my bed.
Dreaming ’bout head.
It’s past the midnight toll.
Eyelids are heavy and closed.
Yet, there are eyes in the keyhole.

A kaleidoscope of colors swirl about.
I see in my dreams.
Suddenly hands grip my neck.
Cold steally blue eyes over me. I can’t shout!
I’m choking. I’m breathless.

She’s mad! She’s crazy!
She’s possessed!
Where’s the air?
She doesn’t care!
At least I’m only sleeping.

My head is hurting.
My neck is in pain
My spine is burning.
I’m only a teen!
Wait. What?
What is this I’m learning?

Oh my Gosh!
I’m not sleeping!
I push the monster
Who calls herself “Mommy”
Off of me.
Sadly, it’s not even Halloween.

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