A Few Years Ago, a poem by Safdar Bhatti at Spillwords.com
Julian Hanslmaier

A Few Years Ago

A Few Years Ago

written by: Safdar Bhatti


A few years hence an angel he met
by sweet chirping she took his heart
his soul it flew to aerial summit
he felt she wox his own dear part
betook him she to the blissful bowers
purity profound where rifely grew
fields many myriad of lily flowers
sprinkled o’er with the morning dew

More than lilies she herself was pure
than the dawning day her beatific look
an ethereal jewel her soul very sure
her words, Heaven, a God-writ book
with gladsome mirth she teemed his days
with coruscance sweet brighten’d his nights
cradled him sweet her soul-salving lays
nightmares altering to blithesome sighs

A purest heavenly child as was she
But mortal clay his wretched fate brine
how could he preserve the angelic glee
so, shortly, he sacrileged the paragon divine
she left, oh woes, to native spheres went
deserting the adorer in inflicting pain
bitterly he cried full piteously did repent
imploring the Almighty ‘O let her be again’

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