Graffiti, a poem written by Huntersjames at



written by: Huntersjames



graffitied boxcars
tattooed wants both yours and mine
haul our emptiness

interrupting lives
signal hazards down the line
cargo dead inside

schedule the power
tell us when is important
be our hourglass

watch them burn the past
remake us in their image
lusting for our will

their palette stolen
our blood bled all these colors
running painted freight

their trailers roll on
we wonder at how they lie
chained end to end

their whistle carries
across the landscape screaming
through our eyes we hear

like a hurricane
deadheading without notice
coloring your soul

wishing for it all
fraught futures lifted by their
deceitful promise

hear their righteous words
roll on again and again
after we are dead

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