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written by: Kay Chilowvaeh


I never thought I'd miss you because I always expected you'd never be gone. You have always been beside me through all the days long. Never would I imagine that my heart could bear so much pain. I am sad and somewhat broken and cry when I hear your name. I find myself staring; endlessly amongst the terrain. Hoping to find reassurance of seeing you again. Memoric flashbacks reoccur and for a moment I feel at ease. Eyes glistening widely as I crumble to my knees. Tears shed quickly; my hands begin to shake. Heart fully pounding as I once again embrace. All the heartache you left me with; all the questions I dwell each day. Why has this happened? Why didn't you stay? Your love was all I wanted; your heart forever mine. Two souls become one for eternity entwined. I cannot hear your silence, I cannot feel your words. What used to be is now a memory; memoric scorned swords. Branded within my mind, my heart and bitter sorrow. My love remains the same for each and every tomorrow.

Kay Chilowvaeh

Kay Chilowvaeh

My name is Kellie McGarvey. I'm from New Hampshire; born and raised. I am married to the most amazing man whom I have 4 beautiful girls and a handsome step son with. I enjoy writing my poems, walking the seashore and spending time with friends and family.
Kay Chilowvaeh

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