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Will You

Will You

written by: Kay Chilowvaeh


Will you love me when the skies are grey; or as the rain slams against my face? Will you love me when I’m full of anger and my words are not a gentle grace?
Will you love me when my memory fades; all that was and still to be? Will you remind me of our love each day through every waking glee?
Will you love the scent of aging wealth; wrinkled perfumed delight? Will you be our forever promised on a dark fall, cool-crisp night?
Will you love me when my voice is weak; with only a whisper to share so scarce. Will you be my sound of pleasure to speak, through risen lovestruck fierce?
Will you love me when my eyes start to fade; as darkness becomes of me? Will you hold my hand and be my guide for all eternity?
Will you be my light, my shield and strength as you show me the true meaning of love? Will you love me until the end of time and as far as the heavens above?
Will you love me to your depths so hidden; yet so exposed for only me? Will you allow my heart to lay to rest all my love for you on thee?
Will you love me when the skies are grey? Will you, oh will You stay?

Kay Chilowvaeh
Kay Chilowvaeh

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