Words, a poem by Jeff Flaig at Spillwords.com



written by: Jeff Flaig


Words spoken softly reflected through your eyes
Capture my quiet breath, my smile, and my heart
By your gentle ways, the words are received
And planted deep within my soul
Bringing forth a harvest of desirable fruit
Nurtured by kindness, mercy, and love

Your kisses whisper passionately to my lips
Pleasantly offering the sweet taste of life
As you gather them to me in abundant affection
When I would be filled and enlightened by just one
I wait in driven anticipation for the moment
When the sun’s warmth is made common by your touch

Your countenance is felt like a stirred breeze
passing through a fragrant garden
Surveying every intricate crevasse of my body
Now scented by your feminine touch
I turn to feel and catch every passing thrust
As I inhale the aroma with complete breath

But alas, you have passed me into the evening
As the brilliant stars race across the night fields
I sit and wonder at the greatness of a teardrop sky
Vast black satin emptiness full of silvery wishes
And remember my heart embraced by your presence
While falling asleep next to a whisper of your name

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