Ode to Life, a poem by Julie Pratt at Spillwords.com
Ralph Nas

Ode to Life

Ode to Life

written by: Julie Pratt


I long to live like the wild ones
to be rain drenching the garden
and the swallowtail who
can’t get enough of the color purple
to be as full as the moon
as devoted as redwoods

Let me bask in the beauty of words
whispered in private or
sung from the treetops
savoring their taste on my tongue
how they dance in my mind
make me jump to my feet

I want to love life until it hurts
not tethered to routine or
bound by tradition but free
to soar across borders and dive deep
into oceans until the wholeness of
everything breaks open my heart

May I sleep under starlight
on the bank of tomorrow
grateful to inhale the vastness of being
turning my yearning into
wonder and joy

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