The Cradle of My Childhood, a poem by Marius Alexandru at
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The Cradle of My Childhood

The Cradle of My Childhood

written by: Marius Alexandru



I sway in the cradle of my childhood
where dreams take flight,
If I could return, I would,
to that time so precious and bright.

I hug every memory with my arms open wide,
I listen to old songs where tears of innocence reside.

Beneath my barefoot, waves of laughter ring and ring,
Like flowers in bloom, the breaths of my spirit grow and soar,
as I dance above fields, a carefree offering,
embracing each moment, craving for more.

Oh, this magic land of memories, a sacred place,
where the leaves whisper secrets in the gentle breeze,
where we all wove tales and embraced grace,
A tapestry of stories intertwined with such ease.

From the first steps taken, stumbling and free,
-each petal, a memory, delicately preserved-,
To the games we played, full of wonder and glee,
-fragrant blossoms of joy, in our hearts reserved-.

Though years might pass, and childhood might fade,
May its beauty revive us wherever we roam,
Memories remain steadfast, a loyal aid,
The cradle of childhood will always be home!

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