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The Daybreak Philharmonic

The Daybreak Philharmonic

written by: Indu Gupta


I get front row seats,
each morning,
To the Earth’s most glorious show!
As the morning breeze
parts shadowy leaves,
Sunlight floods the garden floor!
‘The Daybreak Philharmonic.’
The grandest show I know!!

Thus begins the gentle overture.
With the lilting trills,
of wrens, white eyes,
and silverbills…
There perched atop the highest limb,
The sunbird catches the
rising swell,
And tosses it higher still,
Lowers it,
To the awaiting robins, whistling,
and the chittering chats.
The bulbuls swoop,
for the falling notes,
squawking sharps and flats!
The barbet hammers out
a pulsing rhythm,
A woodpecker taps steadily along,
The crow pheasant, adds his booming bass,
To the interlude of the song.
Wide-eyed babblers, prance and stare,
in greatest disbelief,
And the laughing doves
Chortling still,
adding comic relief!!
Then, the winter warbler takes the stand,
Belting out tunes,
Of far off lands,
Magpie Robin, his ballad sings,
Of daily toils and happy things.
The raptors take off screeching…
Holding the highest note
And all at once,
a hush befalls,
Even the sparrows chattering in the stalls.
High above,
the raptors shoot
The doves too,
lift off and soar…
up up, wings
clapping loud
calling out…

The sun rises higher,
World awakes,
performers vanish
one by one…
There I stand,
filled with wonder,
The genius!
The conductor!
Of this morning throng!
And the hours I spent,
so diligently,
shape and form,
All the while,
I was missing,
the brilliant magic
of their song.

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