Releasing Shadows, a poem by Indu Gupta at

Releasing Shadows

Releasing Shadows

written by: Indu Gupta


My precious jar
of earthly things
Oozing hurt,
screaming pain,
Crushing losses,
delirious gains.
All clutched tightly
to my breast.
In a never-ending quest
For rest.
And that busy life,
Spent swatting flies,
That buzzed around my head.
But then, when,
that putrid mess
Began to overflow…
I had to learn,
to, let it go,
I wept,
I let it shatter,
All those bits of me did scatter.
I stood there on the sidelines
And watched my spirit soar…
Up into the heaven
It took off like that raven
(The one we know
so well from lore)
As it flew into that horizon
It’s screaming cries
behind him,

And I thought it was over.
I would be free.
Living my life
As half of me.
Now my ups,
were ups,
They had no downs,
An endless sky,
with no ground.
And the lows
they had no height!
And what of the futility of light?!
if it never had to pierce
the dark.
No day! No night!!
Oh! Bird!!! I cried…
Come back to me!
I can see!!

You… complete me!!

I prayed once more that bird alight,
And perch upon my shoulder.
This time I promised
Not to hide
him screwed uptight,
In my earthly jar
Of wrongs and rights.
So today,
my darkness
I do embrace
In full view,
Never to be ignored.
As we walk
into the sunset,
The raven claps his wings and soars,
Once more,



Inspired by the works of Edgar Alan Poe.

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