Listening To The Silence, a poem by Indu Gupta at

Listening To The Silence

Listening To The Silence

written by: Indu Gupta


Ever heard the laughter of the lilies?
Or wise words from the rose?
Or the chiming approval of pansies,
nodding knowingly in the breeze?
Or noticed the gangly
Holly hock,
On tiptoe, standing tall,
Talking to the rambling rose,
across the neighbor’s wall.
Have you ever heard
The giggling of the leaves?
As raindrops fall and flick, and tickle trickle drip?
Or a chuckle from the honeysuckle,
In conversation with bumbling bumble bees?

And have you ever noticed, the very soundless sigh,
that escapes a Forget-me-not,
As she bows her head and dies.
Ever heard the silence
As a spent leaf,
Quietly, hits the ground?
Boughs in absolute surrender,
Softly float it down.
Then raise arms up in joyous anthem,
Songs of rebirth resound!

But something tells me deep within,
If our human hearts
Could but be still
Enough to hear these wondrous things,
The noise of strife
Would soon be lost
In the roar of
butterfly wings.

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