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On the Day of Judgement

On the Day of Judgement

written by: Maheshi Chhaya



On the day of Judgement,
The truth was spoken,
It was so harsh,
It left hearts broken.

Beyond one’s imagination
Came what was heard,
And after that
People were left with no words.

The injustice on the planet
Was all being revealed,
The corruption that prevailed
The truth no one believed.

The poverty, the dirt,
The hatred, the fear,
Had gripped the survivors
And for them were left, only tears.

On the day of Judgement,
Happiness was not addressed,
Because it was like a witch
In a princess’s dress.

It made people wonder
How could this happen,
But the people behaved,
Like stone struck lanterns.

The fear of the truth,
Made the people run.
Because it was written
That they would not see the sun.

Looking at the chaos,
Came a voice from Heaven
And exclaimed,
“Oh, My dear children”

“For you I have a trade
I have shared with none,
Leave all your worries,
And live like one.”
“I am not here to punish you,
But to teach you a lesson,
If you don’t learn it,
You will build your own prison.”

“Listen to Me, My children,
Forget all your grief,
And you will see the sun
Shining brighter than your belief.”

“ I am here to protect you,
If you have faith in Me,
Because you are My children,
And how can the cries of the child, the parent see?”

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