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Blunt Words Cut Deep?

Blunt Words Cut Deep?

written by: Naina Sharma


Lost in my thoughts,

I am honest with what I say,

My words may be blunt,

But cut deep, they say.


As unpretentious as I am,

Mind-games aren’t what I understand.

I see life as a short play,

With plenty to convey.

In this skit of life as I express my heart,

I want you to gently play your part.


As heart suffers for being kind,

Is it dependency or vulnerability in my mind?

Not all thoughts reach my lips,

Like early morning dew on leaves which patiently drips.

I counsel myself to not contain,

Like a butterfly, not amused by the mundane.


Asking for not much,

I want to hear the truth.

With none of your lies or tricks misconstrued.

To me, action matters but so does the word,

My eyes though say a lot, but it goes unheard.


With expectations & emotions unfurling in my head,

Some things are better done than just said.

I am not perfect,

Hurtful or wrong as I may be,

Genuineness is what I offer,

Like the sky which has nothing to hide,

So am I, imagining to be by your side.
Don’t misinterpret my words, tell if I expect a lot,
For life is too short.

Yet when my actions say it all,

They believe, my words are not just blunt,

But cut deep, do they?

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