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Encounter with an African Goddess

 Encounter with an African Goddess

written by: RhymeRula



The sky ebbed and flowed

Curious winds centered my focus

Feeble petals flying perplexedly

From the dark petals that painted the earth

As if ready for the arrival of a new but old force

Announced by the distilled sweetness of a bright day

Colored by a million golden strands of sunshine

That offered a thousand promises of a woman’s spell

Falling on her dark skin like a ripple of starlight during half moon

She was the African goddess

Her uniqueness was well hidden just as her luscious curves

Each footstep escorted by a different tune from the former

From gorgeous hips worshiped by long legs and full thighs

Slightly covered by sunny feathers speaking my entire language

Soft breeze slithering seductively through her long tangled hair

That seemed to spew secrets of an infinite beauty

Her eyes were decorated with a wondrous darkness

That fought so bravely to dim my sparkle

Encounter with the image before me

Seemed like all revelation fulfilled

Her beauty blessed my morning cup

filling it with clouds of dreams and worldly perspectives

Our complexion protected against the sun

That’ll never stop testing our resilience

Appreciating her exuberant confidence

That begins simply with a ravishing smile

Address to truly yours

I must say that this is one of those fortunate encounters

I call her a treasure trove that’s inside my grasp

Doing my best to stay the course

to her rising paradise that’s not easy to hold onto if unprepared

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