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written by: Christine Bolton


Evening touches the last light
Before it covers in its darkness
My heart swathed in mourning threads
and face immobilized in hardness

In the end they say it is black
This must surely be where I am
The birds do not sing
nor do I hear the bleat of a lamb

I feel only numbness
Immobilized with no direction
Hearing your words echoing in my ears
and their cruel inflection

I am a broken woman
Laying in pieces at your feet
A heap of something that once was
Your destruction complete

Before others we plighted our troth
An oath to be faithful and true
Our love an ocean not stopping at the shore
If only we knew

Your demons buried deep inside
Were still alive and well
Once the lid was open
Only time would tell

They had festered in their morbid coffin
Poison slowly growing in wait
A corpulent beast ready to explode
Once you opened the gate

I am now frozen in time
Your love was detrimental to my being
I lay slowly dying from the toxins
Your final gift is freeing

Christine Bolton

Christine Bolton

Christine Bolton-Brown was born and raised in London before moving to the US in the mid 1980s and eventually settled in Florida in 2000. She has been writing poetry since she was a child finding it helpful in the good times and bad times. She is always looking within to find the answers to life's problems and writes thought-provoking poetry and prose. She is an active blogger and is in the process of publishing her first book of poetry.
Christine Bolton

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