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written by: Lisa Keeble



Of life ever after, of love ever after
Conditional on blind devotion, a jest?
Exquisite manipulation of senseless souls
Lost in the search of meaning and lifelong purpose
Led, oh so willingly, to believe there is more
What lies after? More lies? Eternal life? Like this?
Endlessly searching the missing piece of my soul
Forcibly ripped by all knowing, all powerful
There is reason, a reason, no comprehension
Given and taken, a blessing. Eternal curse.
We shoulder the burden of a heart that can break
I will love you forever, with you forever
I am weary of promises made and broken.....

Lisa Keeble

Lisa Keeble

Lisa Keeble is a 20 something who resides in the body of a middle aged woman. She lives in the South of France and tries to enjoy life every day as it's really too short to do anything else. Writing, for her, is an escape into another world when the real one becomes too much to handle.
Lisa Keeble

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