Coiled In Danger (Runway) by RhymeRula at

Coiled In Danger (Runway)

Coiled In Danger


written by: RhymeRula



Verse 1

She presented an ideal slim silhouette with an alluring pose
for the cameras to flash focus and record
taking long strides as she flaunts her elegance on a runway
but what you saw on the outside might look pretty but inside her was a nastiness
so toxic that it could infect the runway with conflict
let’s take a closer look, shall we?…


Verse 2

Full of pride, narcissism, and eventual remorse
for the life, she did not allow to live
Her unborn kin nourished by her sins
coiled in danger a causality of a serpents vicious intentions
Her paramour and family admonished her cold attitude toward motherhood
for it brought her no reward
only an undesirable figure
Accepting the anguish if that meant she could be awarded the best contestant in the world
Let’s just say there was upcoming danger ahead


Verse 3

She began experiencing
Reoccurring nightmares in a labyrinth full of her own vice which brought her sobbing at this juncture
In the midst of receiving her comeuppance
Enveloped in callous webs of a black widow
Constricted by its wrath
Unable to escape the web of her devious motives
As it shape-shifted into the face her unborn kin would have had
but ever since that nightmare she became an insomniac
afraid to fall asleep for she knows that the coiled danger hides behind her conscious
Now every time she’s ready for a showcase
Ill repute stalks her in silence down a runway

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