Take Back The Power, written by Paul Anthony Obey at Spillwords.com

Take Back The Power

Take Back The Power

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



Since the dawn of all time, from the cradle of life,
We have fought for great power and position,
We have flirted with enemies and made them our wife,
Sown much seed, fostered anger and division,

Waged war, staged war, murdered most of them by proxy,
Not let them think we take power by force,
Rewrite history, spin the truth, forget shame eagerly,
Our democracy and laws better than yours,

We breed the weak to agree with our treason,
Change governments and societies to our will,
Look back at achievement with the fondness of reason,
We ironically hero worship the kill,

Now lower our voices as we again learn to war,
With our hoards, our straight true, ever brave,
Reclaim rights, taken back from all those we abhor,
Last chance apology before it’s taken to the grave.

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