If She Ruled The World, a poem by Paul Anthony Obey at Spillwords.com

If She Ruled The World

If She Ruled the World

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



Her corruption would manifest just as starkly as his,
Their reality as oppressive as ours,
Same old clichés stand as outdated analysis,
As we target progressive and readable memoirs,

Less testosterone a blessing, a lesson in calm,
Assured fairness is naturally a given,
Live by scripture, no drama and no great alarm,
Dreams of a utopian future still forbidden,

Do you believe in the spin or still blame history?
For the unkind assumption giving hope,
Suppressing the truth of an unenviable story,
The reality seeing us unable to cope,

Following similar rules but set in reverse,
Imprisoning the subversives of fact,
Tell a story of folly with lies so perverse,
But support of your Sisters remains intact.

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