A Ride On The Train, poetry by Shweta Meraki at Spillwords.com

A Ride On The Train

A Ride on the Train

written by: Shweta Meraki


As I stand on the platform
Waiting for the train to come by
With the hope of little fewer people in there
A place to stand or sit comfortably
Till my destination comes by

The train comes and I get into it
The announcement is here
Please mind the gap
I get into the train and stood
From my vantage point
I watched the city below me
As the light diminishes as we enter the tunnel
And thousands of lights, like fireflies
Light up the tunnel inside

I stand there completely lost and alone
Still in the train
As it sped away and people got in and got off at various stations

To me, it looks like everyone knows where they are off to,
With a known destination
Except me standing by the door
The train was taking me along
And I was just drifting away
On the journey unknown

But who’s to know where I will be off to
I have secured my favourite spot
Viewing the world swiftly as I pass
As I am on my way, finding my destination
Stop by stop
Station by Station
Destination by Destination!

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