Picture Perfect, a poem by Shweta Meraki at Spillwords.com
Dan Gold

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

written by: Shweta Meraki


So obsessed we all are with
searching the world around
to find the perfect moment
we could say - ”This is life”

The life we live under the lens,
Living with a medal of pride
Times goes by
And we can’t hear the noises made
How the world made us feel

It was an era gone by
And all we have is a ticket to the past
a moment captured
With no one but you in it
As if that was all - ’life is about’

So put down your lenses
of comparison, or criticism
View the world as home
People around as a big family
And not as a threat

Photos of brightest times
are not usually going to last
Accept it soon for a happier start
You’ll remember it better with all your heart
When you no longer view the world through the glass!

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