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How Scary Are They?

How Scary Are They?

written by: Shreya Joshi


Witches with their potions,
Vampires with their fangs,
Monsters under your beds,
Ghosts on their graves,
Oh, how scary are they?

Turning you into a toad,
Sucking all your blood,
Dragging you by your leg,
Flinging you in the air,
Oh, how scary are they?

Holy water and a cross,
Maybe some garlic too,
Say your goodnight prayers,
Light your Jack-o-lanterns too,
‘Cause… how scary are they?

But they are myths, fables, and fiction,
Simply stories passed on for generations,
The real evils don’t look different,
They could be your best friends,
Now, how scary are they?

Their potions are the lies they weave,
Behind your back, they sharpen their knives,
Suck you dry when you least expect,
And haunt you long after they leave,
Now, how scary are they?

Witches costume and bloody teeth,
So aesthetically Halloween.
But the smiling faces and warm embrace,
Are what masks the horrors inside.
Oh, how scary are they?

Shreya Joshi

Shreya Joshi

Shreya Joshi is a copywriter by profession, a poetess by passion, and a novelist by day-dream. Just another girl, in this huge, scary world trying to set a mark doing what she loves. As she maneuvers through crazy things life keeps throwing around at everybody, she still likes to believe that the world is a beautiful and magical place with loving and caring people.
Shreya Joshi

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