Drenched City, poetry by Tajudeen Muadh at Spillwords.com
Suraj Kardile

Drenched City

Drenched City

written by: Tajudeen Muadh



The squabble of the fog
Retching this vile word
Muddy paths and fewer raindrops
As the thunder roared like a lion in his jungle
The lightning sent a sparkle down the streets
Like a fabric dryer

By the fireside, we hugged with our warmers
Like kids sway to their mother’s apron strings
We clamour for our cups of coffee
Hot like the burning red coal
Placed on our watered lips like kisses

Perhaps, mother went to the farm
To get herbs to cure this dis-ease
This dis-ease and the infirmity of this world
She came back drenched by these rains
This rain-beaten mother wanted the guile off this world
And her sins washed away
Pray, pray
This rain washed our minds
And they’re free of these deadly sins
Let’s woe this bloodshed

Pray, pray for this drenched city
To relieve us of these alactrities.

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