A Polish Prayer for The Woods, micro fiction by Iris Taylor at Spillwords.com
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A Polish Prayer for The Woods

A Polish Prayer for The Woods

written by: Iris Taylor



“I don’t like this place,” Eda said to her sister Rasine. “Mother says it’s haunted.”

“Don’t be a baby.” Rasine was leading them through the dark woods. “If it makes you feel better, let’s pray. Father Jan says it comforts the souls of the dead.”

“Eternal rest,” Eda began, pulling her headscarf tight, “grant unto them, O Lord—”

Rasine joined in, “—and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace—”

A tree branch snapped. The girls jumped and screamed.

“How can I rest in peace,” a raspy voice asked through the woods, “with you praying so loud?”

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