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I’ve Given Myself

I’ve Given Myself

written by: Charles Kingsrod


I’ve given myself to so many people, left part of my soul in their hands, not knowing if they would cherish it, carry it with them each day.
Not knowing whether I’m scattered on those people’s bedroom floor, so that they have to tip-toe between me to get to their door.
Maybe I’m partially on some bookshelves.
Recently, I sneaked a fragment into someone’s pocket, without them realizing. Do they play around with it whilst waiting for the bus, thinking it’s a ring, string or paper?
Or have they not worn the jacket I’ve slipped into since we last touched?

Rips and slices that have my cadence and smile,
have a permanent residence in someone else’s heart.
The seed I’d left with them, grew into them;
vines of wit and gentleness twirling around their ribs, hugging them as I once did.

For some, a shard of my actions is embedded in their being, keeping them cold company when
alone, melting into dripping poison in their sleep, waking them with pain.

Others; what I left behind they never took.

People I’ve loved live with me.

Carry me away darling, kiss me within yourself, make me one with what you love

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