2023, Our Year, a poem by Michelle Navajas at Spillwords.com
Deepak Gupta

2023, Our Year

2023, Our Year

written by: Michelle Ayon Navajas


if New Year is for new beginnings
what is it for us whose winnings
have been toppled down by fears
of not being together for years?

how is it to hope for new dreams
when ours slipped away in streams
would the new year give us the chance
we’ve wanted to have a glance?

if New Year is to make a change for the better
what is it for us whose stuck in the past deeper
experiences of the past we never get over
memories we never get to surrender?

how is it to resolve and take actions
with our resolutions for better lives
with one and the same over the years
with a promise of doin’ it right these coming days?

will this year be the year we finally bid adieu
to our arrogance and sarcasm, we’ve been cooking like a stew
to our “blame game” cycle of who did what and who did not
to our crazy brilliant minds that tore us apart?

will this year be the year we finally say
damn, with the past mistakes that made us astray
damn, with the “what ifs” and “what could have been’s”
let’s start over and make this year the grandest ever.

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