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Moon Lust

written by: Verona Jones



Saw him standing his back to me
Glistening from sea spray boldly
Daring me to taste those cold drops
Beneath Hekate’s silver rays

Taut honey gold body teasing
Pulling me forward this aching
To mold myself against those drops
Beneath Hekate’s silver rays.

His hands gently tugging my hair
Searing lips heat the kiss we share
As our passion bursts like raindrops
Beneath Hekate’s silver rays.

Verona Jones

Verona Jones

I'm an aspiring writer living in Tucson, Arizona. I currently attending Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) pursuing a Master's in Creative Writing. Emphasis on Fiction. I'm a rookie writer for Coffee House Writers, Digital Fox Media, and Vocal.media. I'm getting experience writing, and slowly building my portfolio. I'm hoping to become a professional writer. That's my dream and my goal.
Verona Jones

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