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written by: Hema Ravi


The myriad hues of autumn dusk
the stillness of the dew-filled morn
broken by steps, heavy and brusque
past golden patches of pumpkin and corn
to harvest fruits, store grain devoid of husk.

Lo! It’s Halloween, got to get past
the bustling din to waylay,
earn treats through pranks, not too mean!
from homes well lit, some not so gay;
It’s also time to store meat, wheat and bean.

Customs of yore transformed with time
the spirit behind not changed so much;
‘mummed’ and ‘masked’ in scary mime
Wounded, wonderful hearts the little ones touch
as they make a beeline for candy and lime.

Jack–o–lantern and apple bobbing
scary grotesque faces warding off evil
uniting hearts with love throbbing
the acts continue as in sequel
by tricking, not marauding!

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi is a joint winner in the fixed form poetry contest conducted by Metverse Muse (2018). Among others, her poetic publications include haiku, tanka, free verse and metrical verses. She has regularly been contributing verses to the anthologies released by the Chennai Poet's Circle, Amaravati Poetic Prism and the Guntur International Poetry Festival.
Her write ups have been published in the Hindu, Femina, Woman's Era and several online and print journals.
She is the author of Everyday English (grammar/conversational guide for Indian students), co-author of Sing Along Indian Rhymes (Indian Rhymes in English - CD cum booklet) and Everyday Hindi (Conversational Hindi).
She is currently a freelancer for IELTS and Communicative English.
Hema Ravi

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