Leap Year, a poem written by Brad Osborne at Spillwords.com

Leap Year

Leap Year

written by: Brad Osborne


They say that time is relative
And for us its passing is sure
So, exactly what would you give
To have just a little bit more

What if you could be gifted some
A few hours, or even a day
What would you have that time become
Before it too passes away

Would the day be spent with loved ones
Perhaps given to another
Or simply used to get things done
Blended into all the others

And would this gift we can’t create
Even be noticed for its worth
Or would we just facilitate
One more rotation of the Earth

If we all gave this extra day
In service to humanity
To make some evil go away
Redefine relativity

I hope the words that you find here
Will cause you to give greater things
For amazing gift of Leap Year
And the extra day that it brings

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