Unafraid of the Dark, a poem by Brad Osborne at Spillwords.com
Leo Espina

Unafraid of the Dark

Unafraid of the Dark

written by: Brad Osborne


I know the darkness in which you sit
The pitch black that swallows all hope
Where the next moment can only be
An extension of the pain you dread
A future gripped in the unwanted

Life leaves its boot prints on your soul
Muddied with the filth of despair
And it feels like no one even notices
As you fade into a sea of humanity
They, consumed by their own lives

No one would notice one more life
Given in pursuit of sanctuary
Praying to feel nothing, laid still
A spirit given rise by the untethering
Of such a wicked and weighted world

I will stay with you, unafraid of your dark
And share with you your tragic pain
Know you are not alone or unseen
For in this, my own hour of greatest need
It is your hand I need to hold to save me

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