Dear Brother, a letter written by A.B. at

Dear Brother

Dear Brother

written by: A.B.


To my dear brother…

Today I watched your body go deep into the ground, while holding mommy’s hand and watching everyone cry, I knew then that I will never see you again. Our family of four suddenly became a family of 2.

I started grade 1, we moved into a one bedroom flat. Mommy is very sad, she tries to make me happy but I know it’s hard.

I’m eight today! Mommy tried to visit you this year.

I’m 12, life without you has been as good as can be. I have a lot of bullies but that doesn’t bother because I know you’re watching over me. Mommy has been better, we got a big flat and she is even happy.

I’m soon to turn 15 and life is terrible, I miss you more then anything. I feel invisible and at night all I do is scream, ‘please God let me and him switch’ yet I’m still here and you there. Pain pills almost took me away for good, but I knew mommy wouldn’t be able to take it.

I’m 16 now, in a better school and yes I still miss you but the pain gets better to handle each day.

Love, your little sister.

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