Lost Teen, a poem written by A.B. at Spillwords.com
Pedro Dias

Lost Teen

Lost Teen

written by: A.B.


Was it when Dad left?
Was it when she realized there wasn’t much money?
Was it when he died?
Or was it when she realized there were no more grandparents to run to?

I sit down and wonder
Not knowing when I started losing her,
When life got her and said
‘You’re mine’

She walks around every day
Pretending that there’s not a care in the world
But deep down she does care
She cares her hair is perfect
She is scared that people will judge her
She cares that she looks happy
Because if someone sees that life has captured her
She will never be looked at the same again

She wants to be free
She wants to be her true self
She wants to be the girl who didn’t care
She wants to be the girl who works hard
She wants to be the girl who can show she is sad and that’s ok
But I just can’t seem to find her

I can’t seem to find me…

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