Poetic Injustice, poetry by Brad Osborne at Spillwords.com
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Poetic Injustice

Poetic Injustice

written by: Brad Osborne


In lovely prose did Kilmer write
Impressed by an arbored delight
“I think that I shall never see.
A poem lovely as a tree.”

And in those days of poets past
The only way their words could last
Stained ink upon the wood-pressed sheaf
Paper hewn leaving homeless leaf

His words so true to his nature
But scrawled upon simple paper
How could he possibly foresee
That his beauty would fell the tree

In the boughs that held robin’s nest
A feathered friend can find no rest
Poems are made by fools, he said
But even he wanted his read

Fame presses on a greater need
Axe cleaves as wooded soul is freed
And I can see the irony
That “Only God can make a tree”

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