A Prayer! written by Barsha at Spillwords.com

A Prayer!

A prayer!

written by: Barsha


O’, my despondent Love!
You were the Prayer;
Nebulous to these eyes
Illegible to these lips,
You were the prayer
With the Verses,
That my Heart Recited
Every Divine night,
When Those Tranquil Rays of Moon
Embraced the Rising Waves Of Ocean,
When The Zephyrs
Caressed The Earth,
When the Galaxies
Slumbered in the Lap of Universe;
Listening to the Lullabies of Silence,
You were the Prayer, Whose Verses-
Were indicted by the Crimson Ink
Of my Pen,
Yes, you were the Prayer of my Life,
That fulfilled the Wish
Of Igniting the Candle of Rue,
In the Temple of-
On the Lands of Famines!!

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