The Night Awaits The Day, written by Barsha at

The Night Awaits The Day

The Night Awaits The Day

written by: Barsha


The night awaits the day;
The day treads the way for the night;
With the drowning sun
and the rising darkness,
the seconds of this balmy time
pass by,
making my existence:

As each night shrinks
And each day floats,
The void inside me
Digs itself deeper and deeper into deepest;
That drags me into the dungeons of darkness,
To rip me apart – layer by layer;
With every curl of air, I intake.

The hovering zephyr,
While passing through the windows of desperation,
Tries to inject itself into the black pores
of my parched skin
The roasting aroma of hope.
The maimed heart — caught between
those callous ribs
Tends to breathe;
A voice so infant raises its head
and Whispers (begs)
For a dawn salubrious.
But, Alas!
Within a blink of an eye,
The howling gust of reality
Nefariously muffles it down.

Pity to this haplessness —
That every time and anytime,
sluggishly push myself
For a slumber ephemeral,
To kill all this time.
But, miserably and menacingly
it only passed by.

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