Surrender, written by Cindy Medina at



written by: Cindy Medina



slowly slowly they fall and drift
tiny flecks of crystalline gray
I lay back upon cold steps
time-ravaged man walks away

into stark gray edifice devoid
of glowing numbers or words

exhaustion and defeat overtake
me, I’ve surrendered up a ghost
my father instead a bitter enemy
dashing dreams cherished most

miracle child conceived in twilight
they’d played piano…not for me

their love story and miracle child
evolved from fable into legend
myself doomed to obscurity, broken
a more cruel fate – can’t imagine

our mutual adventure spent, I trod
a blue bridge dejected and alone

no gilt-winged android angels
arise to rescue and spirit me along
instead a nude blue-haired giantess
tempts me; holo Siren sans a song

her black eyes do not see despair
or a bandage flecked with blood

forlornly I stare back at her, desire
drowned in sad turmoil and strain
towards misted city lights I turn
neon signs blurred like tears in rain



The character “K” in Hollywood movie Blade Runner 2014.

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