A Prayer! written by Barsha at

A Prayer!

A prayer! written by: Barsha   O', my despondent Love! You were the Prayer; Nebulous to these eyes Illegible to these lips, You were the prayer Wit...
Lost Beloved! written by Barsha at

Lost Beloved!

Lost beloved! written by: Barsha   In a blink of an eye, My September morning- Metamorphosed into a starless night, And the leafless oak tress, Wa...
I Am Sorrow! written by Barsha at

I Am Sorrow!

I Am Sorrow! written by: Barsha   I am sorrow, Lying at the choking corner Of the Myriad world of time! Yea! I am sorrow; Joy crowns me, When turqu...


I am a student of history; literature is love...and writing is breathing. Striving hard to be a writer!