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Evening Zephyrs!

written by: Barsha


As the evening Zephyrs
Kissed the fading bell
Of the Temple,
The scattered thoughts
Clustered in the poet's mind,
Bursted like the brines
Of the stubborn sea;
With rising tides
Kissing the gleaming light
Of the waning moon,
Under the shade of the
Burning stars;
Blazing like the light house,
Guiding the drunk sky-
High on love,
With those crazy clouds;
Holding chaotic drops,
Wounded by Cupid's Arrow;
Ready to 'fess Love
Over every broken heart;
Threading the dark tunnel
Of life,
By drowning from
Skin to soul, soul to soul;
And singing the
Hymn of death,
In the beats of time-
Shouting loud without a mouth;
For the poet-
Reciting elegies,
With a tongue, without a throat!



I am a student of history; literature is love...and writing is breathing. Striving hard to be a writer!

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