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I Am Sorrow!

written by: Barsha


I am sorrow,
Lying at the choking corner
Of the Myriad world of time!
Yea! I am sorrow;
Joy crowns me,
When turquoise rays of Happiness
Drench me;
Death befriended me
To crown every dying beauty,
That blooms at every dawn
To fade away at every twilight;
Breezes married me,
To suffuse every breath
Of every decaying life,
Of the weary world
With ambrosial fragrance;
Fair flowers hold me
In their tender petals,
To deck the place of Woe,
Embellished by fair wreaths.
Yea! I am sorrow;
I fly with every
Hovering breeze,
Serene zephyrs,
And howling gust,
To kiss moaning dust,
Sleeping below the fair wreaths,
For weary years.
Yea! I am sorrow;
Heaven bequeathed me
To god,
And god reverted me
To Hell;
To make every mortal
Immortal, in memories,
And to give,
Every body of blood
The pleasure,
After a Nightmare!



I am a student of history; literature is love...and writing is breathing. Striving hard to be a writer!

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