Soul's Journey, a poem written by LadyLily at

Soul’s Journey

Soul’s Journey

written by: LadyLily



Conscious of retiring from my physical cloak,
death from your world was not unpleasant…
Warmth dispersed through my body to limp limbs,
journeying to halted heart…
A last mortal pang…departure,
then immense relief,
serene-blissed relaxation.
Family, shrouded in mauve mist, joyfully received me.
Feeling rather than seeing I followed inner longing and slipped,
into the profuse love of a wild flower field,
framed by a golden haze.
I sensed a presence, instinctively raised my eyes
and gazed upon the most radiant soul imaginable.
A beautiful smile, infinitely blessed, revived my whole spirit.
My entire being exhilarated in that moment…
I was born into a wondrous realm.

Back in tainted light, so faint in your world
I trod the paths of ruthlessness through greying fogs,
hope evaporating into nothingness.
My hands barbed-wire brushed,
skin layers peeled from knuckles,
broken form abandoned
where hawthorns and pines scraped deeply.
Riches left in a globe of pretend
where weak sunsets herald false dawns,
polluted ponds stink and rank rivers feed dank oceans.
Your earth…Where Wisterias, afraid of their eloquence,
drip like lazy dolls. Oaks and Elms roots wander like
crazed Asps, seeking passion in infertile soil
under a nettle embroidered gown.
Soon fetid fields will be flowerless,
Moon’s pearl will be stolen
by men who thrive on greed,
loot silken threads
and rape Mother Earth.

Embracing wings of white I hover over meadows,
where magnitudes of Mimosas shine as a single star.
White, feathered Daisies spin, jewels of Bluebells ring,
opals of Lotus…smile upon me.
An absolute sacrifice…
in a world where humans live for golden coins,
dark memories erased,
my spirit surrounded by sapphire candles gulping mauve flecks.
Fingers dance on a harp of wisdom,
I start a romance with a once troubled soul.
New plane, divinely lit, beyond a fast forest
cradles silhouetted twilight.
Morning dew lashes specks of copper…
Home at last.

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