A Dilemma... written by Nishand Venugopal at Spillwords.com

A Dilemma…

A Dilemma…

written by: Nishand Venugopal



Everyday I get out with a sick feeling in my bile,
Work with my friends with a forced smile,
For something that never has been mine,
Thought so for long time and left to pine,
Hope is still there when I am with nature,
Because it helps my skills to nurture,
To be what I am at this juncture,
Look out for the picture that can change the future,
Thanks for my family, friends & my passion to keep me afloat,
Otherwise it was very hard to stay in a rocking boat,
A question in my mind that has to be worked upon,
Without it, I am not able to move on,
Looking out for the green light,
Because it’s time to change the tracks and make my life bright,
Long has been the battle that I fought inside my mind,
Whether to stay or swim across the tide,
To start fresh or stick to something stale,
And live with the fear that where did I fail,
It’s time to take the genie out of the box,
Wait to see the magic it will unbox….

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