Saved by Vivaldi, a poem written by Fotoula Reynolds at
Josep Molina Secall

Saved by Vivaldi

Saved by Vivaldi

written by: Fotoula Reynolds


Her eyes are sad and cold
Where has her zest for life gone?
Some say, it exists beneath a sun
As radiant as an angel’s halo, but
She searches with a heavy brow
And moves quietly through the fog

There it is again
That feeling that
Silences all thoughts
Choking fading words
Blindfolding her desires
Where once she was
A painting
A sculpture
A poem

Memories sit on the edge of
Her tongue, waiting for a
Forgetful brain to find a
Way of expressing them
And she will no longer be
Her life’s silent onlooker

She opens her soul
Steps inside a Vivaldi concerto
And takes her heart for a walk
Through ‘The Four Seasons’
Where she is, once again
Part of the dream
She abandoned long ago

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