The Uninvited Stranger written by Aarathy at

The Uninvited Stranger

The Uninvited Stranger

written by: Aarathy


I sat down that night
munching on some medicines
nursing the cold.

I sat there in MY house 
in MY sofa breathing in the air around ME.

Voices never perturbed me
So there I sat, munching on my medicines
nursing the cold 
Oblivious to the creaks and thuds.

As I slurped the last sip of coffee 
I saw him.

In MY house, pushing the door open
his feet in MY threshold.

There I sat, yelling in my mind 
No! Not me! Not here! Not in my house! 
Stomping, pushing and kicking his feet and hands
that night, I shut the door on his face.
Cause, you, you imperfectly uninvited stranger 
are not welcome in MY house.
No. Not today, not tonight, not any day..

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