Stay, written by Aarathy, a scientific analyst, at Spillwords.com


Stay written by: Aarathy   The sky was blue the clouds were white; the trees were green as they had been for a while. Yet her heart was blue her b...
Breeze, a poem written by Aarathy at Spillwords.com


Breeze written by: Aarathy   My favorite moment is when a turmoil gets caught in a hurricane but is soothed by the gentle whisper of a breeze. Nei...
Choices, a poem written by Aarathy at Spillwords.com


Choices written by: Aarathy @aarathy.parameswaran   That girl you met, chose to open her eyes to the light, when it was easier to succumb to the dark...


Writer's soul trapped in a biotechnologist's body. Scientific analyst by profession. Words give me solace.