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The Round Candle In The Sky

written by: Stephanie Lynn Hilbert



The mountains shrug
and look away.
The grey clouds weep.
Remember that the
Native American Ancestors
warned us.
We are doing it
to each other.
People are consuming
each other with hate.
The moon will shine
its last beam upon
the last beast of the earth
if we don't stop.
Chief Seattle told us
that it would happen, but
we wouldn’t listen.
The round candle in the sky
will finally burn out.
Maybe it’s for the best
considering it’s burning
for a heartless people.

Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

Stephanie Lynn Hilpert is a published poet.
She cares about issues involving the mentally ill/homeless.
Stephanie has always used her writing to vent about issues that concern her.
Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

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