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Crystal Clear Waters

Crystal Clear Waters

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi



When I think about something pure
I think of crystal clear waters
Freshly guarded underground
For millions of years
Among precious minerals
Such as gold and diamonds
Waiting to be pushed out
By the work of the magma
Throughout rifts in the ground
And openings in mountains
While creating water sources
That feed waterways, rivers
Lakes and water falls
To irrigate lands and forests
Where life is prosperous

When I think of pureness
I think of true love
Deeply hidden in a healthy heart
Among affection and perfection
Growing bigger with every beat
Adding pressure to the soul
So that the brain
Becomes ready to push it out
Through romantic acts
Expressing appreciation
And completeness
To bring two beautiful beings together
To provoke the birth
Of a healthy relationship
The very essence of life



Life is great 
Make the most of it ..

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